5 Proudly African Reality Shows Worth Watching

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We have all heard the arguments about how controversial reality television can be, but at the end of the day, the numbers don’t lie. Reality TV still remains one of the most popular genres across the world and Africans are not left behind. With all the recent excitement across the continent surrounding the release of The Real Housewives of Lagos, it’s obvious viewers can’t help but indulge in the drama and the theatrics, the hilarious moments and the strange and shameless behaviour of ordinary people and celebs who lay it bare on our screens for all to see. If you’re looking for premium entertainment with that African flair, check out these 5 shows:

Young, Famous and African

This Pan-African show has been all the rage since its premiere last month. Young, Famous & African gives us a glimpse of how the affluent young people of Johannesburg live their lives and spend their cash! Shot in and around Johannesburg, the show is built around some of Africa’s most famous celebrities, including Nigeria’s very own Tuface Idibia and his wife, Annie Macaulay-Idibia, self-proclaimed sugar baby turned cougar, Khanyi Mbau, Diamond Platnumz who claims he has lost count of how many children he has fathered, Naked DJ whose current girlfriend is several years younger than him, Uganda’s Zari the Boss Lady, Nadia Nakai, Swanky Jerry, Andile Ncube, and Kayleigh Schwark — all of whom are connected through friendship, work and romance. There’s something addictive about watching absurdly rich people drink champagne that costs more than your house rent, travel the world in private jets and engage in petty, theatrical fights. Young, Famous & African is sexy, silly and full of sizzling drama, all of which makes it an entertaining reality pick. Watch all the episodes on Netflix.

Date My Family 

We all know that meeting a potential partner’s family for the first time can be scary which is why it usually happens months or years into the relationship (when the groundwork has been done and there’s enough information on how to handle the judgmental mom or flirtatious sister or overly protective father!) This popular reality show has flipped the script on that practice by featuring a bachelor or bachelorette who visits the home of three potential dates, has dinner with their family and picks one of them based on the experience with each family. The three potential partners are kept out of sight, watching the action unfold onscreen in another room and hoping their family makes a good impression! The suitor and the chosen date then go on a dinner date and decide if they are right for each other. Whether you choose to watch the Nigerian, South African or Kenyan version, this reality dating show offers a full course meal of hilarious, cringeworthy moments with a side dish of drama. You can catch all the episodes of Date My Family on Showmax.

                  Our Perfect Wedding 

Whether it’s a white wedding, a full traditional experience or something in between, everyone loves a good wedding. This show takes us behind the scenes with the bridal pair as they put together their big day, with everything from the décor selection and flower arrangements, right down to the music playlist and all-important cake testing taking place right before our eyes. All the couples hope to pull off their dream wedding, but the odds aren’t always in their favour as they juggle all the unexpected twists and turns that await them. Our Perfect Wedding, which has five African franchises including South Africa and Zambia, has been a fan favourite across the continent and is available for your viewing pleasure on Showmax.

          Temptation Island (South Africa)

Temptation Island follows four couples at a critical time in their relationship, where they put their love to the test and decide whether they want to remain in the relationship or part ways. Together, the couples experience the ultimate holiday in paradise, where they join single men and women, all looking for love. The pick-up lines are cheesy, the bodies are banging and there’s more than enough drama as the couples live the “single life,” in a test that is meant to help answer the really difficult questions about their relationship. The show promises to be just as spicy and dramatic as it sounds. What happens when one partner proves that their existing relationship isn’t as solid and healthy as their lover had thought? Will the couples leave together in the end? Will they end up in an “entanglement” with one of the “tempters”? Or will they simply end things and go home alone? To find out, you can stream the episodes on ShowMax.

Judging Matters (Nigeria)

This one is for the people who love a little legal action. Judging Matters, in partnership with the Lagos state government, helps real Lagosians get justice for minor issues. Justice Olusola Williams, a retired judge, oversees the cases while the host (and real-life lawyer) Ebuka Obi-Uchendu helps the defendant air their points. Simple to understand and relatable, Judging Matters educates viewers about the law in a sometimes funny and distinctly Nigerian way. It also helps people resolve issues without the challenges of a court process: lawyers fees, court delays, etc. The cases range from domestic disputes to petty theft, mirroring the lives of everyday people dealing with disputes that threaten friendships and relationships, while some of the cases are downright hilarious and unbelievable. This is an entertaining yet informative reality show that many will enjoy. Catch snippets on Africa Magic’s YouTube Channel or stream the first two seasons on ShowMax.

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