5 Truths That Adulthood Teaches Us

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Mental and physical health are some of the most important aspects of life

Looking after your mental and physical health enables you to live life and enjoy it to the best of your ability. It doesn’t mean to say that if you suffer with disabilities or issues that you can’t be happy, rather, we should all make the most of the minds and bodies that we have. Eat well, exercise, get the right help for any conditions that you have. You’ll be so much happier for it, and will be able to grab any opportunities that come your way. 

Having belief in something bigger doesn’t have to mean following religion

Having beliefs and seeking for meaning in something bigger than yourself can be rewarding and give people a lot of satisfaction. However, this doesn’t need to mean following a set religion. Many people are turned off religion due to the way that it’s run, from abuse in Catholic churches to it being the cause of many wars around the globe. Having beliefs can be more of a spiritual rather than a religious thing, there are lots of great ideas online that you could research into and find out more about if they interest you.

Cutting off toxic people is ok- regardless of how close you were

Sometimes some of the most toxic people in your life can come disguised as best friends, partners, even your closest blood relations. What it comes down to if people use, manipulate or make you feel rubbish on an ongoing basis then it’s absolutely ok to cut them off for your own peace of mind, 

Your life won’t always follow a set plan

We have it drilled into us from a young age that life should be a certain way: finish school, get a degree, secure a good job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after. We have all of these ‘milestones’ that we’re expected to reach, at the right age and in the right order and when life doesn’t happen that way (which it often doesn’t) it can leave you feeling like a failure. The truth of the matter is, we’re all different, our situations are all different and we all do things at a time when we’re ready. Some people prioritise having a family, others career, others want to spend their twenties travelling the world. None of these things are wrong, don’t let anyone make you feel that the path you’re on is wrong if you know that it’s right for you. 

Life doesn’t owe you a thing

Sometimes you’re dealt an unfair hand in life, unfortunate situations can happen and at times it can all go wrong. Unfortunately, life doesn’t owe you a thing and none of us are guaranteed that great job, fantastic partner or a happily ever after. All you can do is be flexible, stay positive and keep moving forward. When things go wrong, come up with a plan and try again, being all the wiser from the lessons you’ve learned. 


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