5 UK Music & Culture Podcasts You Should Listen To

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5 UK Music & Culture podcasts

Over the past few years, the world of podcasting has exploded. With so many different podcasts to choose from, the search for new shows can often be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are people in this space changing the definition of what you thought a podcast should look like.

This has led to a wide range of exciting ideas: from sharing funny life stories to heated music debates, there is a surge of British based podcasts capturing the hearts of many listeners day by day. Here are 5 UK music and culture podcasts that you should definitely listen to:

5 UK Music & Culture Podcasts


First up is the Who We Be Talks Podcast hosted by YouTuber/Presenter Harry Pinero and Presenter/DJ Henrie Kwushue. These energetic pair bring great energy to every episode. The podcast was launched off of Spotify’s Who We Be playlist brand which currently has over 667,981 followers. The first two seasons of Who We Be Talks were originally hosted by DJ Semtex, conducting in-depth interviews with artists from across the UK music scene such as Ms. Banks, AJ Tracey, and Fredo. The show is a celebration of black music and culture. Artists and their stories are still at the heart of the show but, topics outside of music are also spoken about and discussed in each episode. Who We Be talks airs every Tuesday on Spotify.

5 UK Music & Culture Podcasts


Rhymeshe is a weekly all-female music and pop culture podcast hosted by Producer/Influencer Teeyana Aromi, Presenter/Writer Cee Valentina and Music Writer/Editor Ray Sang. In each episode, Rhymeshe takes a deep dive into the music industry (and anything happening in pop culture), offering advice and insights with their guests- who are music industry professionals, ranging from artist managers right down to music publicists. Produced by Nuprint Magazine, Rhymeshe’s latest episodes now air on YouTube but, previous episodes are also available on Apple Music and Spotify.

5 UK Music & Culture Podcasts


Rhymes Like Dimes is definitely a hidden gem within the podcast space. This bi-weekly Hip Hop podcast is hosted by Moe, Peter and Yemi. In each episode, the London natives discuss Hip Hop (with a sprinkle of Grime) through the years. Now 52 episodes deep, each one focuses on a particular topic, whether it’s an album, an artist or a trending debate. It doesn’t matter if your taste is limited to a specific era in UK music, there will definitely be a handful of episodes that you can sink your teeth into.

5 UK Music & Culture podcasts


Simon Barber and Brian O’ Conner are a songwriting duo from Liverpool, England. Together, they are the hosts of Sodajerker On Songwriting- a podcast dedicated to the art and craft of songwriting. Each episode features interviews with some of the most successful musicians and songwriters in the world. With 200 episodes in the bank, Simon and Brain have mastered the art of getting artists to open up about what makes them tick and insight into their creative process. Sodajerker On Songwriting is a weekly podcast available on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

5 UK Music & Culture podcasts


Hosted by Fred Santana, Temi Alchemy, and VP In The Cut, the 90s Baby show explores the mind of a 90s baby navigating our changing world. In each episode, they discuss trending world topics with their array of guests from different industries all while trying to bridge the gap between the younger and older generations. With over 37,000 subscribers on YouTube and 302 episodes to their name, the 90s Baby crew has constantly found new ways to reinvent their podcast and keep their listeners entertained. The 90s Baby Show airs every Monday on Apple Music and Spotify, while the visuals for each episode air on their YouTube channel on Tuesdays.

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