6 Big Brother Naija Housemates Who Were Disqualified From The Show

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The Big brother Naija show is a platform that many Nigerians aspire to compete in because of the many rewards and incentives involved. The show promises instant fame, an ultimate cash prize that runs into millions of Naira, a die hard fan base and several brand endorsement deals. Every year, millions of people audition for the show but, only a few make it to the Big Brother Naija house. 

Housemates in the Big Brother Naija house are expected to follow a set of rules and regulations during their short stay in the house. Luckily, violating a rule in Big Brother’s house is not enough to boot out a housemate. Usually, housemates are given 3 strikes; one for each offence and sometimes, just warnings for light offences. A housemate’s third strike leads to immediate disqualification. Disqualified housemates are forced to leave the house through the backdoor, and are prohibited from granting interviews or interacting with the live audience. They will also forfeit any money or other prizes they have won from their engagement in the house tasks.

Here are the housemates who have been disqualified from the Big Brother Naija reality TV show so far:


Year: 2022

Theme: LevelUp

This season, Big Brother Naija levelled up (pun intended) with a few twists and tricks. We witnessed fake housemates, the premiere of Big Brother’s Riders; secret housemates known only to the viewers, who were eligible for nomination but immune from eviction, fit to participate in every task and win prizes except the actual grand prize, and the biggest twist of this season, two Big Brother houses running simultaneously that were eventually merged at the height of the competitive reality show .

Level Up housemate, Beauty, was booted off from the Big Brother show after spending just two weeks in the house, making her the earliest housemate to ever be disqualified from the Big Brother Naija house.

The former beauty queen was disqualified after physically assaulting love interest Groovy over allegations that he danced with Chomzy, a housemate from the second house. Beauty received two strikes due to her violent behaviour after the Saturday night party minutes before the live eviction show. Prior to her disqualification, Beauty had gotten another strike after getting involved in a heated exchange with Ilebaye and taking off her wig, after the Saturday night party. 

Erica Nlewedim 

Year: 2020

Theme: The Lockdown 

The fifth season of Big Brother Naija took Nigerians by surprise when it ran during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Erica, fondly referred to as ‘star girl’ emerged as a fan favorite. She received her first strike for whispering, and her second strike for sleeping in Kiddwaya’s bed while he was head of house. Erica got a final warning from Big Brother before her elimination from the reality TV show on Sunday, September 6th 2021. Her time in the house was brought to an end when she called out fellow co-housemate and eventual winner, Laycon over allegations that she had tried to kiss him. The situation escalated  after a series of offences in the course of the same night – Erica verbally abused and threatened Laycon’s life, refused the deputy head of house (Prince) entry to the head of house lounge, poured water on the bed in the head of house lounge, and peeped through the windows and made attempts to engage with the camera crew.

After her disqualification, her fan collective, the ‘Elites’ opened a GofundMe with a target of $100,000. In a month, fans had raised over $60,000.


Year: 2019

Theme: Pepper Dem Gang

Making her mark as one of the strongest and most popular housemates in Big Brother Naija history, Tacha proved she had all the trappings of being a finalist. Though she did not win the show, she won the hearts of many fans or Titans as they are widely called. Tacha received a first strike for putting her hands on co-housemate Joe, and a second strike for disrespecting authority. Tacha was also given a final warning for constantly being involved in physical altercations in the Big Brother house. On the 28th of September 2019, she was eventually disqualified for physically assaulting ex-housemate and longtime rival, Mercy. After her disqualification, Tacha trended on Twitter prompting the CEO of the microblogging site, Jack Dorsey who was in Nigeria at the time, to give her a follow. After a few days, fans made him verify her.

Khloe And K. Brule

Year: 2018

Theme: Double Wahala

Season 3 was definitely on theme because we witnessed double disqualification for double Ks – Khloe and K. Brule. They could be described as a match made in heaven, but unruly behavior is prohibited in paradise. Khloe and K. Brule were disqualified from the house on 18th February 2018. The first strike was recorded when K-Brule intentionally jumped off a fleet of stairs to inflict injury on himself because his love interest Anto kissed her partner Lolu instead of him. Since Big Brother informed the housemates that whatever offence their partner commits is also theirs, Khloe inadvertently earned a strike for herself. The pair received a second strike when they had a misunderstanding that caused Khloe to verbally abuse K-brule’s mother and he retaliated, almost hitting her. Both earned their final strike after K. Brule threatened to physically assault co-housemate Dee-One. K. Brule and Khloe were then disqualified.


Year: 2017

Theme: See Gobe

After 11 years, Big Brother Naija made a comeback in 2017 for its second season and premiered fake housemates (Ese and Jon Ogah). Kemen made history as the first ever housemate to be disqualified from the Big Brother Naija show. The fitness nthusiast was eliminated on March 5th 2017 after a video showed him sexually harassing fellow housemate TBoss while she was asleep. Prior to the elimination, Kemen had received a strike for conspiring with fellow housemate, Marvis before he was kicked out of the show.