6 Nigerian Bookstagrammers Putting African Talent on The Map

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There’s a growing tribe of young, Nigerian book lovers taking up space on various social media platforms. On Instagram, they’re known as ‘bookstagrammers’ and form a part of a community of bibliophiles dedicated to showcasing everything book-related, which includes reading challenges, book hauls, reviews, recommendations, events and impressive book photography. Curated in a variety of styles — some minimalistic and chic, others full of bright colors or outdoorsy vibes — these Instagram pages not only help to promote African Literature and talent, but also celebrate the love of reading in an accessible, aesthetically pleasing way. 

Whether you’re looking for your next reading recommendation, some bookish inspiration to help you start reading more, or simply a place to unwind and discuss the latest books, Bookstagram is the perfect corner of the internet for you.

Here are 6 Nigerian #Bookstagram accounts you should consider following:



Olumayowa, who operates the @mayowa_reads, is a Nigerian book enthusiast who reads, reviews and recommends books that are predominantly by and about people of color. In a bid to decolonize her own mind and encourage others to explore new and different kinds of literature, her bookstagram page is a lively combination of pretty book covers, plants, and coffee.

Also passionate about women and feminist literature, she runs a reading group for women @womensgrouplagos, which has provided a safe space for African female readers to connect, rub minds and encourage a broader reading of stories centered around Black joy.


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Aisha Yusuff is a biochemist and the queen of the flat lays (images shot directly from above; a bird’s eye view of an array of carefully arranged objects). Her style is fresh, minimalistic, and sleek, sometimes matching her hijabs and surroundings to the colors or theme of the particular book she’s reading. Her reviews are simple and easy to understand, with what she liked and disliked about a book clearly stated. While torch lighting several African authors on her page, she also brings a lot of Islamic literature to the fore, giving a double dose of much-needed representation.




Standing out in a more women-dominated space like Bookstagram, Chimee Adioha is a breath of fresh air. With his infectious smile and Igbo flair, Chimee is the founder of @blackboyreview, a platform dedicated to all things African Literature — from live sessions and interviews with African authors to writing opportunities and book grants for young people. Adioha does a good job of highlighting rising literary stars across the continent, while simultaneously holding space for important conversations about what it means to be an African and how to foster inclusive masculinity, especially in Nigeria.


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Complete with balanced, well-written reviews, salient quotes, excerpts from specific books, and candid unboxing videos, here is a Bookstagram page that is less centered on aesthetics and instead, zooms right in on the books themselves. From African Literature to some good old English classics, ‘Tofe shares her thoughts and love for reading in a simple and unassuming way that many can relate to. 



Content creator and bookstagrammer, Uchenna Nnabugwu is a great example of what happens when African Bookstagram and creativity come together. Coupled with his witty reviews and ever-colourful snapshots, Uchenna makes vibrant short videos and humorous skits, bringing his book reviews to life. As book lovers are transitioning more and more into video content (BookToks and BookTube), this page showcases a fun and entertaining side to reading — with an African flair.



The Happy Noisemaker, started by writer, activist, and popular social media personality Jola Ayeye, is a book club that prioritizes literature by Nigerian authors. Jola writes and makes two-minute video reviews as well as general literary reflections, some of which are discussed virtually during the events she hosts. With over 10,000 followers, The Happy Noisemaker is a one-stop destination for a delightful combination of quality book selections, lifestyle and fashion, frequent giveaways and Jola’s signature wit and charm. 


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