6 Stylish And Comfy Men’s Fashion Trends In 2021

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It’s halfway through 2021, and as seasons change, so do trends too. Now, there’s summer, autumn, and winter to look forward to. If you’re reading this from a tropical country, then this still applies with your mix of the dry and rainy season up ahead. Fashion trends change from time to time, and this doesn’t just apply to women, but to men, too. And, like women, men also like to create that perfect balance of style and comfort.

As the world slowly recovers from being stuck indoors in 2021, now work resumes outside, and slowly, social life is also underway. Finally, you’ll be able to wear more men’s clothing pieces other than your sweat pants. But, given that you’ve stayed indoors more than usual, it’s also not surprising that you may be at a loss as to what the latest trends are. Surely you wouldn’t want to go out, dressing like a man from ages ago.

You can elevate your look and stay on top of men’s fashion for 2021 with these trends:


  1. Floral-Print Clothing

Come summer and dry season, floral-print clothing is in style! No, this doesn’t mean bright and eclectic color which may be a turn-off for you. Floral prints can be masculine, too, particularly when they are more subdued both as to color and hue.

Think, pastel florals. These can be any clothing piece from floral polo shirts, floral t-shirts, shorts, and swim shorts. 

Perhaps you can skip floral pants, as that may be a little over-the-top.


  1. Utility Jackets

The utility trend is here to stay. By 2021, it’s going to become even more popular, simply because of its function and style. With the emphasis on hygiene and safety when out and about, utility jackets enable you to keep your basics, without the need to carry a bag. These include your face mask, alcohol/sanitizer, mobile phone, car keys, and your wallet. So, it really serves a good purpose, among other things.

CALIBRE, or other local brands in your area, carries quite a good selection of jackets and other clothing pieces you can choose from.


  1. Bermuda Shorts

Long shorts are out, and short shorts are in. These are also known as Bermuda shorts, and especially during the hot days, it gives you more comfort.

The key to ensuring you nail the right length is to make sure your shorts are at least one to four inches above your knees. Avoid baggy ones, as well, as you’ll want to opt for those with a better fit.

With your Bermuda shorts, you can play around with colors and prints. When you do go for those kinds, always remember to keep your top plain. Otherwise, you’ll look tacky and uncoordinated.


  1. Vertical Stripes

Nautical looks are a classic, but as a deviation from the usual horizontal stripes, now, the main focus is on vertical stripes. This is super good news for those of you who may be on the heavier side and may want to look a tad bit slimmer. Perhaps you already know the cardinal rule in nautical fashion that horizontal stripes will only make you look bigger.

Keep the colors a classic, too. You can never go wrong with neutrals, black, earth tones, red, and blue.


  1. Mid-Wash Denim

Mid-wash denim is that middle-point of the classic dark denim and the acid whitewash jeans. It’s a man’s staple to have dark denim in their closet, but this can be a problem during the warmer months. Something more versatile instead is mid-wash denim jeans.

The great thing about mid-wash denim is that it can go with just about anything! In the summer, you can opt for a t-shirt or a polo shirt. In the colder months, you can layer up with your bomber or utility jacket, and your jeans will still look great.

Footwear-wise, it’s also easy to dress up your feet when you’re wearing mid-wash jeans. Sneakers, boots, oxford, boat shoes, these all look great.


  1. Statement Shirts

There’s no denying that no matter the season and the trend, statement shirts will always be stylish and comfortable for men. Plus, you have a wide array of selections for these shirts, too! Because it’s a statement shirt, you can adhere to whatever your preference is, as to color, statement, style, and how bold that shirt is. Think, your favorite music bands and artists or composers, brands, advocacies, or whatever it is you want your shirt to speak loudly of. Plus, you can even customize, as well.

You can pair your statement shirts with shorts or your mid-wash denim. When your statement shirt is already busy, however, plain, white shoes are always the best. Plus, it’s comfortable, too.


As you can see, many of the trends above are still the well-loved classics that have either made a comeback or are better versions of the past seasons and trends. Being trendy doesn’t always have to mean complying with fads, especially if you’re a fuss-free, boy-next-door type of guy. With the fashionable trends above, however, you’re sure to impress (perhaps even that next-door neighbor you’ve long been eyeing), while not sacrificing on man’s top standard of dressing: clothing. Now all you have to do is make those changes in your closet.


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