GarmSpot Releases Quarantine-Themed Collection Titled “The Feels”

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The clothing brand, Garmspot has just launched a new collection. THE FEELS is a unisex capsule collection offering a relaxed look with contrast in colors and playing in on smooth velvety textures like the corduroy and silk polyester shirt ensemble. THE FEELS gives you the comfort of being alone at home but yet having the urge to stay styled out whilst dealing with possible emotional waves.

To perfectly curate a unique and true ambiance behind the collection, there was a need for an authentic feeling brought by the lockdown and being isolated.

What goes on during lockdown, how you pass the time, that’s the question that transpired for Garmspot.

See the entire collection below.

Photographer: Deji Haastrup
Models: Yinka Bernie, Osereme Inegbenebor
Soundtrack: DJ Aye!
Production Team: Adesewa Adeniyi, Ngozi Okonkwo, Fego Asiafa
Makeup Artist: Kikelomo Okonkwo

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