7 Hip Hop Tracks By Nigerians You Should Know in April 2018

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The morning after the Castle Lite show was a royal rumble on Nigerian Twitter, I woke up to all kinds of Trending Topics on twitter.

It was bound to cause a stir considering it featured our homegrown international superstars such as Davido, Wizkid, M.I and brought in the rapper with the number #1 in the United States right now, J.Cole.

This tweet by Joules caught my attention:

And the Brilliant Reply:

In line with our 2016 curation of alternative musicians we decided to create a column to amplify tracks by young musicians Monthly! I recently discovered a number of artists unknown to the General Public in Nigeria but have international affiliations just like my dawg Loo Loo.

This is our very own Soundcloud class and Culture Custodian Media wants to play a part in the evolution of Artists in this space, I will be curating a list of 7 songs picked from Soundcloud by upcoming Nigerian artists in any part of the world making any type of music.

With all that being said, Enjoy:

Bridge – Lagos, Nigeria.
AWAWA ft. Esojay Luciano
Plays: 2,626

“if you like Nigerian slangs and lingo, Listen to this. Shoutout GMK too”

Ojo – Toronto, Canada.
Plays: 973

“So So Smoooth! in a lane of his own”

Lord Isaac – Leicester, United Kingdom.
Knick Knack ft.SV
Plays: 3,771

“Straight flows”

Loo Loo With The Juice – Lagos, Nigeria
Bagg – Freestyle
Plays: 374

“I had to RUN this back a couple times. You GOT it bro! For Real. How is this on 374?”

Princess Mami – United Kingdom
Plays: 5,044

“Who said I needed them anyway?”

Asriel – Manchester, United Kingdom
Rigmarole ft. PsychoYP
Plays: 6,798

“YO BRO’S CHILL, That Flow? Disgusting!!!!”

TC Flexbeats – Abuja, Nigeria
I’m Lovin ft. Zilla Oaks

Plays: 231

“I’m just saying we should live it up Girl, I’m just trynna holla say whats up girl”

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