7 Nigerian DJs Tell Us Their Best Songs To End The Night With

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Partygoers know that no song is more important than the one at the end of the night, right before the DJ ends their set. After hours of delivering hits back-to-back for the crowd, it sucks when a DJ messes up with the last song. Depending on the DJ, some opt for the current hit song to wrap up their set or in the case of more established DJs, a particular song they are known for. Occasionally, DJs choose exhilarating songs to get the crowd excited and geared up to continue the fun at another venue while other DJs prefer relaxed, laidback tunes to set the mood to go home or be in your lover’s embrace. Regardless of their choices, we can all agree that the last song needs to be a hit. We asked some DJs for their favourite end of the night songs just in time for the weekend so you have the right songs to chill with or to request at the club if your DJ misses up. From Camron to Yin, here are the best songs your favourite DJs like to end their sets with:


Ms Lauryn Hill – Can’t take my eyes off of you (I love you baby)

It’s good music, real music, it’s soulful and joyful. It literally melts me and I get goosebumps every time I play it. Her voice is so good. Boy, She was hitting some notes. The lyrics are on-point. There’s a line that says “I need you, baby, to warm the lonely nights.” It’s a nice thing to set the tone for the night. It can get you really emotional especially if you are tipsy or you have little alcohol in your system. It will hit you differently. The song gets you in your feels and brings back some memories if you are a lover-boy or lover-girl. If you are going home after the night, it will make you want to call up someone and tell them how you miss and love them. It’s just a love song you can dedicate to your loved ones. It is also my way of saying ‘thank you, I am dedicating it to my supporters and all the people that rocked with me till the end of the set’. The crowd is usually viby and if you are with your lover you are just slow rocking, bumping and stepping to the beat. There is this emotion it brings where you are all smiles and you can’t wait to go home and get shit popping.

Uncle Bubu

Lojay and Sarz – Monalisa/Naira Marley Ft Busiswa – Coming

It depends on where I am playing and what is influencing me at that time. I feel like DJs shouldn’t really have a go-to end of the night song because you are a Dj. You are meant to read the crowd’s energy and find the perfect song that would make people remember you for the right moment but at the same time, sometimes you have that jam that if you play it people be like ‘fuck I haven’t heard that in a long time’ or ‘yeah this is how I would want my night to end’. Obviously, right now because I am based in Nigeria, I could think of a couple of songs; Monalisa by Lojay and Sarz or Coming by Naira Marley and Busiswa. You can never go wrong with these two solid songs. If you play these songs in the club as your last song, you are making a statement. Those two songs are epic and they always go off at the end of my set. If you had asked me this question 2,3 years ago, because I was in a different country, I would say Owner by Dexta daps, it’s a sensual song and you see people doing the maddest things in the club. That’s that song that would make you go home and have fun with your partner. Honestly, I would probably not go that way. I would rather feed off the crowd and play what I feel they would want to hear and what would make them happy. I always want my audience at whatever venue I am playing to feel connected to me with the music. Can’t lie, whatever I play, the crowd loves me, they would love it regardless.


Sisqo – Thong Song

It depends on where you are, the type of crowd you are playing for, and also when the night you are playing. I would say Thong Song by Sisqo because that song might be one of the greatest songs ever created in my opinion. It’s simple, catchy, easy to sing along to and well-produced. As a child when the song came out, it was gimmicky for me but when I grew up and understood the intricacies of that song, as simple as it is one verse and a chorus repeated but the song is phenomenal. I enjoy playing it because both men and women can relate, girls and boys can dance to it and everyone has fun with it. It’s such a fun song. It’s a tune that brings the crowd together, old or young. I am pretty sure most generations know that song so for me, I think it’s a perfect way to end the night on a high. The crowd lets loose when the song is on especially towards the end when there is a breakdown and then he hits the high note and everybody screams and if you are lucky and you reduce the volume while playing, everyone will hear other people singing and I think it’s a great moment. 


David Guetta and Sia – Titanium

I got my name because I listened to the song a lot so people around started calling me ‘Titanium’ and it kind of stuck. This was before I became a DJ. If you listen to the lyrics, it talks about being strong no matter how difficult it gets. I have had my shares of L so it serves as some type of reminder when I play it. I have to constantly remind myself that no matter how hard it gets, I am titanium, I have to push. Imagine after a really late set and I play Titanium and I am Titanium, the crowd goes wild. The feeling I get when I play the song is happiness considering the fact that I had just spent the last 30 minutes or 1-hour making people happy. I like to end my set on a high and people chanting “my name” back to me is a great feeling. 


The Product G&B – Cluck Cluck

The song can be one that is popping right now or what people are itching to hear. It really depends on what the vibe of your set is. There is one song that has never let me down in all my years of Djing and that’s Cluck Cluck by The Product G&B. That is one sure song. From the intro, everything about the song is beautiful due to the nostalgic effect it has on people. People want to move away from the present because of the harsh reality or whatever it is they are dealing with. Going back to a moment that has a really sweet taste in your mouth is something that always just leaves the people happy and when you can impact that, especially with a nostalgic feeling as your closing song, it’s like ‘yeah that was a really dope set’. That song is the one that shuts everything down.


Black Sheriff Ft Burnaboy – Second Sermon Remix

It depends on my mood and the type of crowd I am actually playing for at that moment. If I am Djing for people around ages 17-26 the type of song I will end the party with will be different from when I Dj for older people. Most times when I Dj for young people within my age range, I don’t use a particular song because there are a lot of songs my peers will know. Most times, I use songs I like and I know will make the crowd go crazy. If I am playing for a fresh crowd, my go-to will be Second Sermon by Black Sheriff featuring Burnaboy and the reason is because of its popularity and I know people would love to vibe to that. If I am playing for street people, I play street songs. I go for thrilling songs to make people excited so that they remember the last song I played and when they see me they remember the song from my set. 


FUN – We Are Young

It’s just one of those songs that remind us that we are in the time of our lives and this is the moment we are fantasising about as a kid. Now we are adults, making our own money, forging our own paths, we are creating the lives that we want to eventually settle down and everything that we do now, determines what we will do later. When I play the song people get excited about life. It’s a good reminder that we are young, having fun and these are the days we are going to tell our kids about. It’s just one of those nostalgic moments for me and the crowds that I play in. 


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