A Guide To Preparing For The Rainy Season

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Nigeria has its seasons split into two-the dry and rainy season. The dry season often begins in late November, runs through January, becomes intense in February, and eases down in March till the end of April. Then the rainy season begins from April, intensifies from June to August, and runs till October, every year. The last couple of weeks have shown that we have officially entered the rainy season and should expect more heavy rains according to the usual weather pattern.

Here is how to prepare for the rainy season:

Check Weather Forecast

Stay a step ahead by starting your days with a quick look at the weather forecast. While the accuracy might not always be presented, the hours of the rainfall are often precise. Getting a daily weather report means you are never caught unawares.

Wear The Right Outfits

Since you can not always avoid the rain, the next best thing to do is have appropriate clothing ready. The rainy season is the perfect time to bring out your sweaters and thick clothes so you can keep the cold out.

Get An Umbrella 

Have an umbrella with you at all times to avoid stories that touch. You can also get a shower cap to protect your hair if you need it.

Buy Vitamin C 

The rainy season often comes with cold and flu. This is why we recommend getting vitamin c to boost your immune system. You should also add fruits and vegetable that contain vitamin c to your diet.

Repel Mosquitos

With the rain comes loads of mosquitos, thanks to the country’s inadequate and often mismanaged drainage system. Having a net strategically placed by your bedside will protect you from these annoying pests. Repellants can also do a good job.

Rainproof Your Car 

The rainy season is no time to drive around in a faulty car. So, make sure you take your car to the mechanic and have it checked out. You do not want to have to deal with a breakdown during a heavy downpour.

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