Abba Makama’s The Lost Okoroshi is Heading to BFI London Film Festival

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The Lost okoroshi review LCA

2019 is looking good for Abba Makama. His sophomore film, The Lost Okoroshi, is premiering at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Now, it has been confirmed that the film will also be screening at the BFI London Film Festival under Laugh ( a section for films that pack lots of humor).

The Lost Okoroshi follows Raymond Obinwa, who wakes up to discover he has undergone a transformation, then takes a revelatory journey to see if ancestral tradition has a place in modern life.

“Fed up with the soulless city and how its dwellers have lost touch with their ancestral traditions, Raymond Obinwa yearns for reconnection between man, spirit and traditional society. He awakens one morning to find he has transformed into a traditional Igbo masquerade Okoroshi. In his new form, Raymond/Okoroshi sets off on a quest to find a new home in the city. Along the way, he encounters brassy sex-worker Doris, street hustler Willy-Willy – who is convinced of Okoroshi’s earning potential – and witnesses the idle chit-chat of conspicuous pseudo-spiritual authority the IPSSHRR (The Igbo People’s Secret Society for Heritage, Restoration and Reclamation).”

Watch the BFI trailer below.

A film Makama produced, The Man Who Cuts Tattoos, is also showing at the London Film Festival.

We can’t wait to read the awesome reviews of both films from Toronto and London!



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