Abigail Ajobi Continues Her Parents’ Love Story At The Lagos Fashion Week

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Abigail Ajobi is the creative director and fashion designer of the eponymous luxury sustainable streetwear label, Abigail Ajobi. Her label’s ethos is built on sustainability, and some of the entire profit from each collection is donated to Keeping It Real Foundation (KIRF); a Nigerian-based charity that focuses on changing the lives of women, vulnerable children, youth, disadvantaged people, prison inmates, and the society through education, advocacy, and sustainable development programs. In alignment with her sustainable beliefs, only a finite number of deadstock fabrics are created and placement prints are not applied, making each item peculiar to the person. After launching the Abigail Ajobi brand in 2020, and appearing at the London Fashion Week in September last month, Abigail makes her debut at the Lagos Fashion Week.

What inspires your pieces?

This collection is inspired by my parents’ love story. They met on a flight between Lagos and London. The inscription on the pieces is my dad’s handwriting. It’s a love letter to my mum. Some pieces also feature my parents’ faces as well.

Is this your first time at the Lagos Fashion week?

Yes, it is my first time. 

How was your Lagos Fashion week experience?

I did London fashion week before I did Lagos Fashion week so it’s been very hectic. I like to be as organized as possible but I would say it’s been a fun experience. I am glad I made my parents proud.

Are you going to come back for another edition of Lagos fashion week?

Yes, for sure. As much as I am from London, I am also Nigerian. If I have the opportunity I will definitely come back to Lagos again. I really want to say thank you to Mrs. Akerele as well for giving me the opportunity.

What was your highlight from the Lagos Fashion Week?

I think my highlight was definitely the models, they have such great personalities. I am grateful to God that the show went well. This collection supports the KIRF foundation as well. They do some amazing work in Lagos and Port Harcourt.