Absence of Dasuki and Defence Counsel Halts Trial Proceedings

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On Wednesday 17th January 2017, former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki’s trial for money laundering and the illegal possession of firearms was prevented from holding following a no-show from both the defendant and his counsel.

In defence of the decision not to be at court, a representative of the defence counsel asserted that the defence team had written an appeal to the court seeking adjournment. On the topic of the absence of the defendant, there was no reason given which rightfully raised questions from the prosecution team led by Oladipo Okpeseyi.

The case which has been in court since 2015 was adjourned by Justice Ahmed Mohammed, who took over the case from now Retired Justice Adeniyi Ademola, to February 8. It is worthy of note that Dasuki has been under the custody of the Department of State Security since 2015.

Source: Pulse & This Day

Featured Image: Premium Times

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