Witness Adekunle Gold’s Evolution On Grown And Sexy ‘Something Different’

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Popular opinion these days is that Adekunle Gold has entered a different ‘stratosphere’ and while we’ve been privy to this evolution these past few months, he properly set things off today with the aptly titled Something Different, an upbeat love ballad produced by Blaisebeatz.

While bits and pieces of the old Adekunle linger in his lingo and slightly off tempo articulation, the part of him that yearns for diversity shines through as evidenced in the polished lyricism that will definitely get you in your feels, the perfect synchronization of his narrative with the jazzy, Afrobeat and Pop soundscape and the grown and sexy ambiance the combination of these elements creates.

Something Different is another dimension we’re definitely welcoming with open arms.


  1. Vanacy says:

    Thanks for these jant..

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