Adey’s Debut EP ‘Akiba’ Is A Fusion Of Experience And Expertise.

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As a genre-defining Producer who’s been instrumental in the success of a myriad of Nigerian artists; an industry heavyweight, if you must, Adey has received measurable praise for the quality and reach of his work which spans the careers of bigwigs like Olamide, Mr Eazi and YCee also upcomers like Wani, Genio Bambino, and Amina among others. This reception highly captures his innumerable contributions to the industry. As he delves into singing, a path he’s taken before on singles like Bad and Red, he not only proves his worth as a producer which he’s done severally in the past, he unleashes his god status on the largely insufficient four-track EP, Akiba.

Akiba is inherently a reflection of Adey’s journey as an artist, stealing attention from its maiden status with the quality of its sound direction, top-notch perfectly paired lyricism, flawless execution, and heartfelt articulation. It draws on his experience as an expansive Producer, splitting equally his diverse skills and marrying each unique sound to a befitting persona.

With only one feature, which is Wani on Fugazi, Adey shows off the strength and reach of his standalone character, also proving that without a doubt, he’s indeed Akiba Kei, a man of culture, which spotlights the essence of the EP’s apt title, Akiba, in the same vein.

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