Africa Practice launches campaign to remember victims of African armed conflicts

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In the past decade, nearly two million Africans have lost their lives to armed violence on the continent. Violence on the continent claims at least one life every three minutes.

In 2013, the African Union adopted 2020 as the year of ‘Silencing the Guns,’ with the desire that a conflict-free Africa would be a reality by then. Whilst progress has been made in several countries, it is important to accelerate action.

Africa Practice is running a campaign called #NamesNotNumbers as part of this initiative. The campaign is intended to sensitize and mobilize citizen groups – in particular, youth, to join the AU in its disarmament and reintegration efforts – while paying tribute to all the victims of senseless violence on the continent.

The digital monument paying tribute to the millions of victims of violent conflict in Africa will take place from Wednesday, January 29, 2020 was launched at 9 am on Twitter and Facebook. The monument will run for 24 hours and will be extended and updated by the minute.

Africa Practice will be at the hashtag #NamesNotNumbers on Twitter and Facebook. Have you lost a loved one? Or has a victim story touched you deeply? Remember them and prepare to add their names to the monument by either:

  1. Sharing who they were and why they mattered to you in a Tweet or Facebook post on your timeline, attaching the #NamesNotNumbers hashtag
  2. Sharing them in a comment on the memorial tweet that will go live on Wednesday, attaching the #NamesNotNumbers hashtag
  3. Consider adding their photo to your post, or a special message to them. Think about what you would want the world to know and remember about them.

Violence can and does affect each and every one of us. Help us make the #AfricaWeWant a reality. It starts with ensuring peace and safety in all our communities.


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