African Designers KENNETH IZE and THEBE MAGUGU made 2019 LVMH Prize Finalist

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LVMH 2019

For the first time ever, an Israeli designer and two African designers — Kenneth Ize from Nigeria and Thebe Magugu from South Africa — made the final round of the LVMH Competition.

The 8 Finalists for the LVMH prize were announced in Paris. In terms of gender, race, and geography they represent the most diverse selection of finalists since the prize’s inception. This comes at a time where fashion is holding itself accountable for the lack of diversity and inclusion that has been present in the industry for far too long. This year, most of the contestants are putting sustainability at the forefront of their brands and priding themselves on environmental consciousness and implementing ethical changes in fashion.

LVMH 2019 Finalists

Nigerian designer, Kenneth Ize founded his eponymous brand in 2013. Ize brings together a variety of textiles and cross-cultural experiences to create a unique idea of what luxury can be. Through older construction methods like weaving and looming, he is able to execute sustainable practices in his designs.

Kenneth Ize LVMH 2019

Since 2015, South African designer Thebe Magugu has been creating an eponymous brand that looks to novelty and culture to enhance the way that women dress. The brand’s designs function at the intersection of modernity and the rich history and multi-faceted continent of Africa.

Since 2013, the LVMH prize has elevated young designers from around the world and provided them with the essentials and tools needed to run a successful fashion business. The winner will receive 300,000 euros in grant money and be paired with a fashion mentor who will help them to establish the fundamental aspects of their brand.

Photography Credits: Vogue | Instagram

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