African Youth Gala

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The African Youth Gala is an exclusive networking event for African youths in the British diaspora. This unique idea was established to assist youths in their development through networking and sharing their voice, with regards to issues that affect African youths and their futures.

African Youth Gala

The inaugural edition of the African Youth Gala is taking place on the 28th of November. This event is the brain child of 4 upwardly-mobile Nigerian youths, with a visionof inspiring human & capital development across the African continent by bringing together the most entrepreneurial and innovative African youths based in the United Kingdom, between the ages of 18
– 28, to discuss their professional experiences and verbally engage each other with a view of building lasting professional relationships.

It is our vision that the African Youth Gala becomes the largest & most significant gathering of budding African entrepreneurs, policy-makers and other stakeholders based in the United Kingdom. We plan to cater to 300 direct participants and over 5000 indirect participants. Tickets are limited so do get yours before they sell out.

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