“Afrobeats Will Take Over Asia And The World At Large In 2022” – Nigerian Label Exec Augustine Ugbaja

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Nigerian label executive Ugbaja Emeka Augustine has shared his projections for the new year. He believes that Afrobeats will take over in Asia and the world at large in 2022, adding that our sound will become a household music genre this year. “Afrobeats’ success in the US and UK is a major achievement, but for a culture to truly go global, it needs to connect with more parts of the world and it will take over Asia in 2022,” he said in a recent interview.

Referring to how the dances with Afrobeats music are becoming popular on the streets of China because of a Ghanaian dancer Yoofi Green, he noted that many international radio stations and programmes are jumping onto the sound that has moved many Africans for years and the Chinese and Asian people don’t want to be left behind. The SouthNice records CEO stated, “Afrobeats has a really catchy beat, really catchy sound that even if you don’t understand what the singer is saying when you listen to it for the first time you enjoy it.”

Music is a global tool, see how the world accepted Reggaeton and dancehall in the 2000s, that’s what Afrobeats is doing now. Afrobeats is so big that even Asians returning from abroad back to their countries play the song and push the culture themselves. With Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy championing the sound worldwide, Augustine, also known as Dr Whyte or Mr U.E.A, said that he believes that more Afrobeats artists will breakout internationally this year.

With the likes of Ckay making a worldwide hit and one of the most trending songs on TikTok in 2021, Augustine believes Afrobeats will do more in 2022 and the Asian market will play a part in accepting the sound.

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