Aize Paul Muhammed Set To Hold Second Solo Exhibition

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Nigerian photographer Aize Paul Muhammed , who has worked a decade in the African fashion industry with a keen eye for photography, will be hosting his second solo exhibition titled ‘Flares of enthusiasm, Dash between.’ It is scheduled to hold between the 29th of October to 6th of November 2021 in Victoria Island Lagos with activities ranging from private viewing, general viewing and a bar pop-up.

Aize has worked with big names in the creative industry like Roberto Cavalli, founder of the Italian luxury fashion company and Taibo Barca. He had a successful solo photography exhibition in 2020 called “Frozen choices, Sacred Space” which was showcased at the 1952 Moneda Gallery in Lagos.

His first exhibition focused on the journey of man’s self-discovery, which encapsulates the period of one’s existence from the beginning of his life through infancy to adulthood when he finally attains the state of liberation. Many pieces showcased at the first exhibition in November 2020 were shot during the covid-19 lockdown when many creatives were on a journey of figuring out themselves.

Since then, Aize has created other fascinating pieces that have been shown at various art shows in Nigeria. Talking about his first exhibition, he said, “I shot my first series during the lockdown, and it’s been a glide ever since. Although I already experimented with fashion photography capturing humans for humanity is undoubtedly one of my life purposes, and having art pioneers such as Nicholas Logsdale, Caroline De Beaufort, Katie Barker and few others approve of my works, which brought a different sense of purpose to my journey as a photography artist.”

The second showing aims to combine spirituality tech and science in one place to create a feeling of self. He speaks of his mum as a source of inspiration as she is also a creative herself, a poet whom he often indulges in conversations bordering poetry and literature. He mentions that he got the name for his first solo exhibition from some of their discussions.

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