Ajebo Hustlers Herald Album With Ayzed-Produced ‘Yafun Yafun’

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With just two comeback singles that have done their brand a world of good, Ajebo Hustlers are clearly equipped with all that it takes to shake things up in the industry, with their fine fusion of south side inspired lingo, instrumentals that are ticking rave bombs, and demeanors that command respect and relevance. Building on the solid ground Barawo, Symbiosis, and Pronto have created for them, they make a timely return today on Yafun Yafun, rich with hollowed percussions and bawdy lyricism that will surely light the spark that inspired the rhythmic journey that is Yafun Yafun.

Leveraging the glitz and glamour currently around them, Ajebo Hustlers have decided to put out an album eponymously titled Kpos Lifestyle, and Yafun Yafun is just another single that serves as a pedestal for them. Produced by Ayzed, the duo expertly switch turns in offloading the slew of sensual lines that allude to the chaos brought on by a relationship with a muse rid with problems that by all indications, they seem to enjoy.

Ajebo Hustlers are slowly becoming a cult favorite not only because of the conceptualization of their sound but also because of the alluring way they tell stories. Yafun Yafun is one of such stories and it does a great job of heightening anticipation for Kpos Lifestyle.


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