Ajebutter 22 And Oxlade Tag Team To Woo On Spax-Produced ‘Unconditionally’

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Oxlade is gradually becoming everyone’s go-to person for the silkiest of hooks and choruses. And, in a manner that suggests he is ready to deliver an unforgettable project with high replay value, Ajebutter 22 quickly makes his way back to the scene today with Unconditionally, following the earlier-released persona-defining King Of Parole.

Produced by Spax, Unconditionally, as the title suggests finds the duo teaming up to express their feelings for their muse wielding the most captivating of words, an outline that matches Spax’s atmospheric synths and does what it is supposed to do: erupt butterflies and elicit sensual feelings.

Oxlade takes center stage first, working listeners to a frenzy with a chorus as silky as his vocals, before Ajebutter 22 joins him with a calculated and structured outpour, that not only matches Oxlades’ but speaks to the effectiveness of his laidback and engaging style, because in no time, his words inspire movement.