LA-Based Rapper Akajou Hits An Exhilarating Mark With ‘Air’

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LA-Based Rapper, Akajou is coming from a deep dark place spawned from loss and the murky feelings of grief that follows it. Like every Rapper, challenged by confidence and led by the inspiration to be raw and reflective he repurposes his feelings and turns them to hope on Air, the lilting but edgy follow up to March 19th, an earlier released ode to the state of his life.

On Air, Akajou is charged with hope and wants us to know that his future his bright albeit with stumbling blocks along the way. He translates his version of coming success in deeply personal and emotion tinged bars articulated in his fast-becoming usual gruff fashion.

“I don’t compete, stay on my feet, I’ve never felt defeat” among a slew of motivating lines to counterbalance his tale of woes stemming from the loss he’s experienced but Akajou doesn’t hinder, he bites back immediately with brighter lines, an indication of his fluidity as a rapper.

A conveyor of chopped and screwed bass-driven instrumentals serves as the perfect backdrop to the Rapper’s honest narrative that will definitely throw his listeners into fits of introspection.


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