Amaarae, Kojey Radical And Cruel Santino Travel Back In Time In Video For ‘Jumping Ship’

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Amaarae has carved a niche for herself in the West African music industry hinged on her mesmeric vocals and come hither demeanor. Her debut album, The Angel You Don’t Know is doing numbers and garnering the attention of people who appreciate experimental music. It’s on the back of this success and the need to visualize her slinky narratives, she shares the video for the Kojey Radical and Cruel Santino assisted fan favorite, Jumping Ship.

The Remi Laudat video is everything we expect from the eclectic trio with Amaarae chairing the group dressed in an eye-popping fusion of high street and haute couture fashion accessories which speaks to Jumping Ship’s roots in early millennium RnB. As with everything Amaarae related, the video is also fused with elements of psychedelia that enhances the feelings the trio’s words set off.

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