Watch ‘Number 12’ Anas Aremeyaw’s Exposé Of Corruption In African Football

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Watch Anas Aremeyaw's Exposé Of Corruption In African Football

Ghanaian journalist, Anas Aremeyaw has gained widespread support and criticism for his groundbreaking investigative journalism. After exposing a group of near 40 judges for corruption in 2015, he took on looking into corruption in African football that results in his latest documentary with BBC Africa.

Starting off bribing Ghanaian referees in the Ghanaian league, the expose touches on the world of Ghanaian football and goes as far up as a referee who should have been running the lines at the World Cup in a few weeks.

Easily one of the best pieces of investigative documentary filmmaking ever seen on the continent with social value in a world of its own as Anas Aremeyaw and his undercover team look to inspire the reinstitution of trust in the game of football. FIFA has already begun investigations on the revealations from the documentary and it shall be interesting to watch over the next couple of weeks, the fallout it leads to.


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