Anas’ Latest Video Exposes Nigeria’s Salisu Yusuf in Corrupt Practice

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Anas’ work has typically led to fall out. In 2015, he forced a number of Ghanaian judges out of a job, earlier this year, his work facilitated the fall of the Ghanaian FA and prevented a World Cup Assistant Referee from going to the competition. His latest expose comes for the head of chief coach of the Nigerian national team, Salisu Yusuf as he shows him collecting a bribe stated to be $1000 in a video recorded in September 2017 but submitted to BBC African Eye yesterday.

Anas’ reporters pretending to be agents gave the bribe in order to ensure two players were picked for the Nigerian team for CHAN. The two players in question went on to be selected however, there’s no way of guaranteeing that was because of the money that exchanged hands. In response to the exposè, Yusuf has suggested the money was a gift and claimed it was $750 instead.

Nigerian Football Federation, the next move is yours.

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