April Maey Wields Her Feelings As A Weapon On Debut EP ‘Ticket To Anywhere’

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n recent years, Nigerian women have become more brazen with their music choices spread into different dimensions ranging from curation, cataloging, disc jockeying and most importantly singing. Gone are the days when women were relegated in the industry. The current climate, fostered by the women themselves welcomes women with varied perspectives that have now yielded experimental but wonderful genres such as a Jazz Soul hybrid by Graphic Designer meets Musician, April Maey who just put out a smooth sounding debut EP titled Ticket To Anywhere with nothing to back her brand but a skeletal discography.

The underlying maturity that gives life to the EP is as much of a surprise – considering April’s lack of experience in the industry – as the harmonious fusion of two genres not welcome in an industry that stifles the reach of experimentation. From the EP’s first smooth stroke of a synthesized key on the Citymonstar assisted Somebody, April’s intention to draw her listeners out of their comfort zones with colorful tales and even more alluring sounds is clear, each single is indeed a ticket to anywhere.

April‘s emotions are all over the place and this is reflected in the way she hops from feeling to feeling albeit gracefully and in smooth transitions. She, however, does maintain the same low captivating tempo which allows each track to almost perfectly morph into the other, stretching on the fact that the project is indeed an extended play and in April’s case, one big storybook.

Hardly do we come across debuts that highlight an artist’s complete talents but for April Maey, Ticket To Anywhere is an open book that reveals the best parts of her encompassing music talent.

Photo credit: @clint.reno

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