Arcadia TV’s Serious Banta Is a Bit Too Similar To Some Other Shows

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Since, BK Chat emerged, it’s become a trend in Lagos for Producers to create content in the hope that it’ll prove controversial and thus, earn notoriety. Arcadia TV’s new web series, Serious Banta starts off addressing the recycled topic of cheating and how women react to it. Some ladies agreed but it seemed like a lot of the gents would rather make sure the ladies got evidence of alleged cheating.

Featuring cast members like Seyitan Atigarin, Demilade Roberts, Taje Prest, Adefolake, Adeboyega Adekoya, Papa Omisore, Debomi, Jessie O, Akinola Faforowa and Tope Ajileye, it’s evident Arcadia is interested in tapping into the circles of many of these influencers we’re used to hearing about as they discuss a myriad of issues that pertain to today’s youth.

The web-series has put out three episodes so far. All of which have been mind-boggling and full of unprompted opinions reminiscent of BK Chat but definitely not near as aggressive. Notwithstanding, unsolicited opinions are often hard to accept which could eventually lead to a ruckus.

Web-series usually have a way of driving social media discourse, hopefully Serious Banta represents and reflects societal occurences. Honesty has been said to be the best policy and it goes a long way but are the prominent cast members willing to follow suit as they avoid sugar coating issues faced in our present generation?

Episode 1, Never Ask A Man About Another Woman, Let Him Cheat In Peace!” Do You Agree or Disagree?

Episode 2, Does Marrying Someone With A Different Religion Make Life Harder? Agree Or Disagree?”

Episode 3, “Does Body Count Matter? Would You Ask Or Disclose?”