Artist Aize Paul Examines ‘The Self’ In Upcoming Exhibition

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Following a year characterized by altering realities and discoveries, African artist, Aize Paul has announced his fourth solo photography exhibition titled ‘Flares of enthusiasm, dash between’ slated for 18th March – 15th April 2023 at Alliance Française Lagos – Mike Adenuga Centre, Nigeria.

Flares of Enthusiasm, Dash Between” begins as an introspection with the self, and furthers into a journey before birth and how our expectations, dreams, hopes, all become, it conceptualizes capturing life from before till the end. The exhibition represents the uninhibitedness of the soul prior to birth. Clueless, as one drifts fragile in forms of the most liberated versions of the self one will ever witness; just preceding the unrequested entry into a life-form. The dashing hopes, dreams, and ideal possibilities of 280 days before one gets to be introduced to the dash. 

As one’s story segues into a whole identity embodied in this life-form. the dash between is you, here, right now. Your life – awareness of it, questions from it, expectations of it. Your hopes, dreams, aspirations, youthfulness, definitive moments, saddest moments, life purpose and your innate fear of the inevitable – death

Having successfully debuted his first solo photography exhibition called “Frozen choices, Sacred Space” in 2020, Aize describes his journey thus far “I shot my first series during the lockdown and it’s been a glide ever since. Although I already experimented with fashion photography, capturing humans for humanity is certainly one of my life purposes, and having art pioneers such as Nicholas Logsdale, Caroline De Beaufort, Katie Barker and few others approve of my works, that definitely brought a different sense of purpose to my journey as a photography artist”.

Highlighting the inspiration for this exhibition and what he aims to achieve, he says “The pre-shows for me is exhibiting means to connect by creating a space solely for a spiritual, Tech and Art experience. I want everyone fortunate to be present at the pre- shows to leave with the notion of SELF”. The title “Flares of Enthusiasm, Dash Between” was born from a conversation with my mum who is a poet and with whom I often discuss poetry and literature. I must say my first title      “frozen choices scared space” was also sourced from her”.

The multi-day exhibition is set to begin at Allance Française Lagos – Mike Adenuga Centre 9 Osbourne road Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, March 18- April 15th 2023. Each day will have a general viewing and Immerse Virtual Reality experience.

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