Asa Asika Shares Music Management Gems on DonAwon Podcast

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Managers often take the backseat, rarely granting interviews and sharing their perspectives. Regardless, they’re some of the most important players in the entertainment industry and often the brains behind many of the biggest moves the public sees. Co-founder of Plug Nigeria, Asa Asika has been instrumental in the careers of Davido, Boj and Ayo Jay to name a few, but his experience in the music and entertainment industry goes back about 15 years to the days of Storm Records. Muyiwa ‘Donawon’ Awoniyi, on the other hand, managed Nonso Amadi early on and was a major player in the singer’s early success. Today, Donawon manages Tems and when Asa joins him on the latest episode of his podcast, they talk about Asa’s experience managing a global artist and the unique nature of the work that comes with that from negotiating deals to building relationships and developing brands.

For any player within the entertainment industry, this is a must-watch and for any aspiring artist manager, it’s even more important.


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