Asa Shares Emotional Video For ‘Good Thing’

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Asa’s gradually making a re-entrance into the industry after a 5-year with two well received singles, both of which currently function as preludes to her 5th studio album. Building on that, she shares the heartwarming video for the more recently released Good Thing, a tale of romance turned sour.

Coupled with renowned director, Sesan Ogunro’s ability to give life to the most basic of stories and Asa’s emotional rollercoaster narrative, the video for Good Thing is reflective of Asa’s intent to take us on an unconventional journey bridged by relatable stops which she visualizes by spotlighting the lives of 6 different major characters in the video.

With this video, Asa is clearly in the midst of the execution of her return and we can’t wait to experience the full length of it.

Watch the video for Good Thing here.

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