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The story of our emerging African businesses in entertainment, art, and technology vividly aiming to transcend into global narratives has been one voice Athen Media Credente has stood by since they emerged as an online -based Digital Marketing agency in 2015 but time has changed, growth has settled in over the years.

The media intelligence center for growing, emerging and successful talents, brands, establishments, and companies will be focusing more on propagating an integral part of running successful businesses in Africa for global consumption and key into the storytelling and Africa-inspired narratives cultivation. The focus on capacity development by the agency has made it metamorphose into a full-stack media marketing and PR agency. The agency has also dropped a hint on having the founder and lead strategy, Demola Lawal, popular known as Latchenko in the African music business space, will step down for one of the senior staff who has shown a great sense of commitment and togetherness in achieving goals, objectives and any task given. This is to encourage every other member of the team to stay on course for career advancement support, while Demola goes on creating other worlds that will serve Africa and her people better, by focusing on solutions to challenging channels which have masked the young Africans from seeing beyond what they are being presented.

Athen Media Credente has supported and influenced over 100,000 young creatives between 2021/2022 via physical sensitization and mindful digital awareness around careers in media, marketing, and business. These outreaches were executed from in-house to partnership, collaboration, and sponsorship.

The stories will continue to manifest greater results in 2022 as Dr. Tiwa Savage launches a brand new universal integrated lipstick which is brewing conversation in major music, fashion, and technology communities – the announcement serves as a crown on the recent and existing Tecno endorsement of the Music Star. What is she up to after this? Dr. Tiwa Savage has shown to be a master of her universe unraveling surprises by releasing unprecedented details in her career progression.

Ayrastarr drops a new single titled Rush, a masterpiece written for her growing celestial being followership. This note dives into the chore messaging the rising star is passing in her new song. The song is aimed at the young generation working tirelessly to make a name is the emerging world – the lyrics cut into different popular titles and names in our massive cultural industries, delivering high vibration and inspiration to thriving talents aiming for the next big pay.

555 Opulence is having a great 2022 Fall comeback with the new Carpe Diem That Shit Collection, the looks of the new project speak  volumes and there are bigger announcements ahead.

Landwey recently became ISO Certified, an outstanding accreditation for Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. This will make the agency draw you closer to the most recent Future City announcement which is leveraging on the “Buy and Hold” strategy, an attempt to help prepare future homeowners in cultivating the habit of increasing wealth by investing in landed property.

The success of Yakoyo in Lagos state, Nigeria, is a typical example of a success story to celebrate businesses that key into human needs and chore requests. The local food space presently has 3 outlets in Lagos and still growing. They are popularly known to have affordable and delicious food across Lagos State, Nigeria, creating a rich atmosphere for all competing food vendors across the Nigerian state.

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