Aurelia Dey’s Love Of Liberation Shines Through On Female Empowerment Anthem ‘Huntress’

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2020 was an eventful year for Aurelia Dey. She leveraged the lockdown as a period of creativity during which she created new dancehall and afrobeat music, a newly produced concert experience as well as a newly launched web series. All under the concept of Sunday Service. Aurelia Dey describes herself as a black womanist and wants to entertain, enlighten and show the world her Ghanaian-Swede heritage. Through dance, music, acting, and dialog she is constantly finding new ways of expression. Her latest, Huntress, is perfect for female empowerment anthem and norm-breaking stereotypes.

Eponymously titled, the single is about being a huntress, in summary, being brave and ambitious. For Dey, creating a boundary-pushing track exuding liberal feminism is an attempt to break gender norms and gender associations. Also, to take command, not only in relationships but in all facets of life. The dancehall instrumental enhances the funny metaphoric sensual references and the “I’m in charge” feeling.

With her musical influences ranging from the likes of Aaliyah, All Saints, and En Vogue and her artistic comparisons noted as Nina Simone and Spice, which she pours into her releases, including Huntress, it is no wonder that Aurelia Dey’s essence of female empowerment and depth shine through her artistic endeavors.


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