AYLØ Projects His Subconscious On Purely Instrumental Single, ‘Shytoo’

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It’s not uncommon to find artists going back to their roots and for AYLØ who’s rebranded this year, going back to basics isn’t far from him which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that his first post-mixtape single, Shytoo, was released exclusively on SoundCloud.

Released as a Christmas present to his fans, the purely instrumental track is a projection of his subconscious which he brings to life by fusing bass-heavy and atmospheric synths with a distorted conversation that most likely alludes to the track’s title.

While its not much to hold on to, Shytoo serves as an appropriate dose of AYLØ his fans have been craving after dnt dlt.`


  1. AYLØ And LMBSKN Are Gatekeepers Of A Safe Space On This Shit says:

    […] AYLØ‘s go-to is usually a soft-sounding pairing of electronic drums and other synthesized instruments, a preference that has earned him a spot on Abuja’s list of revered artists, challenging the norms with nonconforming emboldened anthems for the mind and soul. In recent times, he’s been largely generous with music release and he continues in this same spirit this week with This Shit, a chill sonic representation of current his mental state for which he enlists LMBSKN. […]

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