Ayo Jay Is Back! Listen to ‘Let Him Go’ Off The Lazy Genius EP

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Ayo Jay Is Back! Listen to 'Let Him Go' Off The Lazy Genius EP

Following up a successful record with material that proves your quality is pretty difficult when one of your earliest releases does as well as Ayo Jay’s Your Number did. As the New York based singer releases ‘Let Him Go’ and continues to work towards the release of his debut project, the Lazy Genius EP, originally expected to be released today but pushed back, he chases the ghost of Your Number.

Attempting to strategically place himself in the mix with a love interest, Ayo wears his admirer cloak. He offers himself as a shoulder to lean on while working hard to catch her eye and reiterating the importance of forgetting the man in her past and going on the ride of her life with the man beside her.

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