Ayo Jay’s Details His Relationships on ‘Peace of Mind’ and ‘Whine Pon It’

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Since 2018, Ayo Jay has spottily released music, yet, he remains one of the most-streamed Nigerian artists. After a long break, he finally returned earlier this month with Peace of Mind. Today, he follows it up with Whine Pon It.

With Peace of Mind, Ayo Jay speaks to wanting a real relationship and wanting to be trusted. The scars of relationships gone by are ripe as he sings about the constant disbelief that’s present in his relationship. By the end of the song though, he makes the call to let go and move on singing “I don’t wanna but I gotta say bye-bye.”

Whine Pon It, the more feel-good record sees Ayo Jay bring the listener into his room as he walks us through a raunchy encounter with a love interest. The timing of both singles seems to suggest what could have been the timeline for Ayo Jay, going from walking out of an emotional relationship to having fun and living in the moment.