Azanti and PsychoYP Break New Ground With “YP & Azanti, Vol. 2” Album

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Azanti and PsychoYP Break New Ground With “YP & Azanti, Vol. 2” Album

Rallying around a collective vision without comparison, rising Nigerian stars Azanti and PsychoYP have continued to push boundaries with their new collaborative album, YP & Azanti, Vol. 2.

The album features nine tracks that showcase the pair’s unique chemistry and innovative sound. From the outset, 20-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and “boy wonder” Azanti, alongside Nigerian rap phenomenon PsychoYP, delivers a dynamic and relentless musical experience.

The opener, Don’t Need Nobody sets the tone with distorted synths and an upbeat drum groove, complemented by hypnotic vocals. The hook, “I don’t need nobody. I’m out here by myself,” captures a powerful sense of independence and self-reliance with Somebody digging into the complexities of a turbulent romance, with lyrics reminding listeners, “There’s no need to lie.”

Breathe which features off-kilter percussion and wavy electric guitar, showcases the duo’s arresting back-and-forth. The lusty chorus, “I can get your body in sync with me,” adds an irresistible charm. Should’ve Been Here closes the album on an emotional high, offering heartfelt bars and raw confessions, punctuated by a plea, “I need you to try to be real with me.”

Throughout the album, moody vocals and hallowed piano chords create a rich, atmospheric backdrop. Azanti seamlessly interpolates folk pulses with smooth Yoruba and English poetry, while PsychoYP’s drill-leaning melodic bars blend hip-hop and Amapiano influences perfectly.

Fans worldwide first experienced the duo’s prowess, passion, and power on 2020’s YP & Azanti, Vol. 1. With millions of streams and critical acclaim, the project set a high bar.  YP & Azanti, Vol. 2 expands this legacy, building on the foundation laid by its predecessor and expanding the duo’s artistic vision.

The new album showcases the duo’s ability to merge genres and deliver deeply personal and resonant music, which has solidified their place in the global music scene. Their inimitable chemistry and boundary-pushing sound ensure that they remain at the forefront of the Nigerian and international music scenes. As they continue to evolve and innovate, their collective vision promises to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

Listen to YP & Azanti, Vol. 2 here: