BadBoiHY’s Six-Track Debut EP ’11:11′ Is A Manifestation Of His Core

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Logical and natural inspirations for musicians oftentimes result in louder, edgier, and heartfelt pieces. For BadBoiHY, Benin City’s latest export with an eye on the prize, his angel number, 11:11 is a source of inspiration that he uses to leverage soul and spirit on his eponymously titled eleven-track debut, an ode to his awareness and audacity and a ploy to touch his audience at their core.

The extended playlists consist of tracks that BadBoiHY uses to find a balance between Hip-Hop, Trap, and Afrobeats sounds. Despite his deep roots in his city, BadBoiHY doesn’t sacrifice nativity for an international appeal and vice versa. In fact, he’s able to find a common ground on the likes of Jo jo jo. His melodic sense is rooted in Afro modes but unconstrained by them.

On the creation of 11:11, the self-dubbed ‘Afro-Trap’ musician expressed his belief in angel numbers, stating that his angel number 11:11, is a number sequence in numerology and this is because he believes one has to stay positive to manifest what they have prayed for because the subconscious brings prayers to reality.

In his words,

You can only sing of the things I sing about when you go through them. It is something you have to be in tune with and so it is not fiction. I allow it to flow and that is how I make music, other times I reminisce on certain things that open the flow.


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