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If this year proved something, it’s the fact that the Nigerian music industry still has a lot to offer. With the rise and fall of trends over the last few years due to the inability of artists to morph into more, pushing their sounds and giving their audience something refreshing a huge gap was created one being filled by the zealous sound of the new generation. A spark of individuality and creative expression is pouring through and they’re not holding back.

I felt this energy and will to be more when I first met the Anonymous music signee Badboy Timz. The Timz energy in the room could electrify a light bulb, it was contagious and they all moved with purpose. A small team of young creatives coming together to chase a dream, one centered around music and a particular artist that has the whole Nigeria’ buzzing.

In speaking with Timz, the intersectional and diverse artist, with an almost unprecedented organic claim to fame with a number 1 that broke the charts in Nigeria during the lockdown, he won his place in the hearts of people, and his sound cut across different age groups and different demographics. The smash single MJ which has gone on to spur remixes with both Teni and Mayorkun to keep the song buzzing in our ears is evident of what Timz can inspire.

I caught up with Timz a soft-spoken and reserved individual with a lot to offer in the next few months. He shared with me a simple but illuminating insight to himself and a teaser of what to expect in his near future.

What motivated you to drop MJ when you did?

I knew people were down during that Corona period and I had two songs I was willing to drop but I wanted something that would move everyone in a positive way, a track that could make us forget our worries and the state of lockdown.

In terms of your sound, how would you define yours?

I’m a diverse artist. I’m trying to experiment with different sounds. And following my EP “TIMZ”, anyone who listened to it and listened to MJ would be able to attest to the differences in my sound. I’m not limiting myself to one sound.

How was life like before signing to Anonymous Music?

I still have the same friends and people around me. I now have access to record better music because I have that access, the creative process from songwriting to delivery is 100% better. I can definitely say that I’ve grown in trying to create better music.

Does Anonymous Music determine the sound you put out?

It’s more of a family setting with me having complete creative control over the kinds of music I’m creating. My creativity and my sound I have 100% artistic control over it. Not disregarding my label who have a good weigh in on the quality of music I put out.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Firstly, I need to reintroduce myself as BadboyTimz to the whole world with the MJ video. I’m dropping the video soon, then two weeks after I’m dropping another single, and like a month after I’ll follow up with another single because I’ve been away for a while; MJ dropped about 5 months ago and I’ve not dropped new music since then. Some features are on the way as well but I don’t want to say too much. Just expect new singles and videos.

How much did A&R play a role in creating your sound?

Frank and I have been working together in this music thing for more than 3 years now. So, we’ve had a long time to find what works and grow my craft organically. Also, as I said, my team and I are like family so it’s easier to work with someone I vibe with and we understand each other.

What Is your major goal as an artist this year?

To reintroduce me to mainstream media and the music industry as a multidimensional recording and performing artiste.

What will you say is your brand Identity?

First of all, Afrobeats is the gospel I’m preaching basically, but I can always tap into other sounds. I have songs in different genres, I make music that impacts people’s lives through my writing and I always make sure I’m writing music regardless of if it’s a dancehall song or love song. And I always like to look good and I always try to wear a smile because I feel like people find my gap-tooth attractive.

Are things different now that you have attained a bit of claim to fame?

I really say things are so different. I will say life started being way different for me once I decided to take music seriously. But after MJ’s release, I had people who didn’t take me seriously before now sending me music to get my opinions on the sound, more people are giving respect now. Sometimes it’s overwhelming but I try not to get lost in the sauce.

Previously the Contributing Lifestyle editor for The Scene Magazine,  Fechi Marcel is a freelance op-ed writer, business and PR strategist. She tweets and is on Instagram.
Photography: Kefytee
Stylist: Victor Nja
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