BarelyAnyHook’s Rap Elitism Is Palpable On Avant-Garde ‘Nna Jide’

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As is the growing trend in the industry, up-and-coming musicians have mastered the art of targeting their role models in the media by way of covers, likely to land them on the radars of said individuals. Last year, BarelyAnyHook proved his uniqueness with an eccentric cover of a few tracks off Jidenna’s debut and sophomore projects, The Chief and 85toAfrica, respectively, a glowing highlight on a list of other moments the artists have shared together. This month, with no time to waste and no room for doubt of the seriousness of his avant-garde approach to music, he returns with his promised full-length project titled Nna Jide.

A compilation of offshoots of Jidenna’s discography, Nna Jide is a covert reflection of a lot of the topics prominent on The Chief and 85toAfrica. BarelyAnyHook finds himself neck-deep in the deep and funky bass grooves punctuated by engaging acoustics signature to Jidenna’s music over which he tongue twists metaphors in a bid to paint a picture of his life in Lagos among other topics.

His lyrical prowess and concrete flow are the highlights of this enigmatic project and among other things, features that define his hip-hop elitism in the Nigerian industry.

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