Bay Blanco Celebrates Life As A Trapster On Four-Track Project ’11’

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Consistency is one of Trap music’s key features. Trapsters are usually consistent in sound, style, story, and delivery. Since 2016, Nigerian Trapster, Bay Blanco has been challenging the norm with his edgy blend of Trap and Hip hop, and now, to kickstart this year, and as a nod towards his aim for peak experimentalism, he shares a four-track project, 11, an ode to his life as a revolutionary in his field.

As is the norm for Blanco, he teams up with LO, his producer mirror image who lays a long stretch of 808s and digitally tweaked percussions for the former to offload a string of mind-altering lyrics amplified by his somber swagger.

Split between a handful of subjects, prominent of which is status and women, 11 is more of a re-introduction into the life of a burgeoning Trapster, finding his way, surrounded by elements key to his growth and life in this dimension. Each track is an allusion to yet another facet of his life and their titles are self-explanatory.


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