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In a surprising twist, organizers of the Big Brother Naija on the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ live eviction brought in new housemates to the show last night, August 9, 2021.

Ebuka had previously announced that there would be two sides to the eviction show but viewers were still caught unawares when four new faces were introduced after Beatrice, Yerins, and Niyi were evicted. We know Big Brother always has tricks up his sleeves but this was out of the blues.

The new housemates are Michael, Queen, JMK, and Kayvee. As expected, their late arrival on the show sparked a lot of reactions online but one person had people talking several hours later.

Enthusiastic BBNaija fans dug up old tweets of one of the new female housemates Adedoyin Jumoke also known as JMK trolling housemates.

JMK trolled previous housemate, Erica of the ‘Pepper Dem’ Episode, in a series of tweets asking her to fire her stylist, for not doing a good job. She also attached pictures!

She also referred to BBN pepper dem winner, Laycon as a hypocrite. It gets more interesting as Ex housemate Tacha isn’t spared. She went on to ask if at all Tacha has ever been to school, as she cannot seem to comprehend her attitude.

Wizkid, who has nothing to do with the show, somehow got dragged into her trolling spree as she called him childish, pompous, and irresponsible.

This got some ‘gbas gbos’ from Wizkid Fc and the fanbases of the trolled personalities, with many saying that she killed her chances outside the house before she even got in. However, there were some people who simply think she is opinionated which makes an interesting housemate to look out for.

Others agree that there is such thing as bad press because if she plays her cards well she might just go far and possibly win.

Her social media rep has put out an apology, pleading viewers to bury the hatchet and support her.

One thing we can all learn from this experience is that it is highly important to check your old tweets and delete them on time as these things tend to come back to bite you in the back.

We can only hope she brings her A-game, spice things up, and make people forget about her controversial first night in the house.

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