Rihanna, Jay Z, Roc Nation sued by Beat FM owner, Chris Ubosi.

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Rihanna and Roc Nation have reportedly been sued by Chris Ubosi, owner of the Beat FM and Megaletrics for failure to perform at a show in Nigeria.

According to Ubosi, Rihanna was booked for a 2013 concert that never happened and a deal worth $425,000 for the pop star to perform at the show had been sealed with two of Riri’s representative, her label, Roc Nation and Jay Z.

The show which should have held in May 2013 was asked to be postponed by Rihanna’s camp after a $160,000 payment however ,Ubosi is said to have agreed only if Rihanna posted the new date across her social media platforms.

A failure to see that happened led Megaletrics to pull the plug on the deal however, they are yet to receive their $160,000 back.

The accusations have so far been denounced by Rihanna’s camp who claim that Ubosi and Megaletrics have been scammed as they knew nothing about the booking.

Sources: TMZ & Daily Mail

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