Before You Move To Nigeria: Insights on the Immigrant Nigerian Journey by Lola OJ

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This is how you let the cat out of the bag – in a grand style – just as Lola OJ did with her debut publication. It is not enough that you have information to share, a story to tell or a voice to scream upon. The way you approach these things make up a large part of the impact they make too. Imagine fusing your passion with progress of helping at least one individual live a bit better. Lola had identified the best way to drop in her quota for humanity and intending immigrants are on the receiving end today.

On Saturday the 16th of July 2022, the British-born Nigerian creative, Omolola Ojetola, launched her highly anticipated book that holds the promises of making Nigeria a conducive place for migrants and expatriates. The launch happened in London and saw an attendance of notable personalities like Maria Okan, Perri Edwards Shakes-Drayton, and Lola Maja.

Before You Move To Nigeria is a non-fiction self-help book infused with a fictional character Titi. The book is also based on the author’s personal experience and perspective of the country in view, both as a returnee and a recurring migrant. In this promising book, you will find liberating ideas about adapting to culture shocks, varying Nigerians’ livelihood, security consciousness, economic sustenance, the essence of political involvement on citizens’ lifestyles and other important influences.

Member of the Nigeria Federal House of Representative, Hon. Shina Peller, described Before You Move To Nigeria as “a compass of clarity of purpose to making informed decisions and tool of pragmatic insights about Nigeria migration”. Truthfully, no one tells a story more than a first-hand experiencer and Lola has deemed it fit to observe the culture. She charged this informed personality with the responsibility of introducing you to the book. 

Expectedly, Hon. Shina Peller did make perfect use of this opportunity to swiftly take us through the possible ways to balance a new life in Nigeria. Paraphrasing his words, “the gist-like nature of the book will settle your mind with what Nigeria truly looks like. The busyness of daily business and commercial activities, Nigerian spirited-fun lifestyle, hustle, and resilience are notable distinctive energies of Nigerians you would enjoy.”

Furthermore, he highlighted the socio-economic, cultural and political phases of Nigeria. He most importantly, emphasized that you prioritise political engagement -on arrival, go get your PVC first- to influence the people’s representative at the power arms. Undoubtedly, our choices affect the all-around productivity of the varying aspects of the country.

As a multifaceted individual, Lola reminded us in the book’s disclaimer about her corporate career profession – Law but in an intriguing and humorous way; “I’m a lawyer, but I’m not your lawyer. Reading this book won’t create an attorney relationship between us”.

If you need clarity on how things work, what to do, when to do it and why you should make some decisions to live fully and safely in Nigeria, getting a copy of Before You Move To Nigeria would be the best gift you could ever give yourself. Purchase your copy here