Bgeho Makes A Lush Re-Entry Into Music With Loti-Assisted ‘Serenade’

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The last time we heard from Begho, he was deep in introspection in a sound sprawling three-part single titled Before The Run on which he cascaded from dreams to passion to love. The Abuja-based artist is “in a really good place now” and to announce his re-entry and re-dedication, he fuses the three themes on Before The Run into one single, Serenade, which he shares today.

Begho is joined by Loti, a fellow artist all too familiar with sultry deliveries of atmospheric melodies, which in summary, is what Serenade is about. The harmonious duo, with their exquisite palates, wax lyrical over whispery acoustics produced by Begho himself and Jiggyyb, telling of their ideas of peaceful and loving relationships held down by passion and understanding in an attempt to keep their muses in check. While Begho handles the more technical verse, with his fast-paced articulation, Loti eases listeners back to this serene world, with smooth vocals.

As a re-entry ticket, Serenade is perfect in that it encompasses who Begho is and what he possesses.


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