Bella Alubo Teams Up With Zlatan For Refreshing Remix To ‘Agbani’

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A survivor of the fraudulent dealings that are increasingly common within the music industry, Bella Alubo has not only risen above controversy but pushed forward in the industry- letting her passion guide her. Following the release of her warmly received 7-track EP, re-bella and the Lady Donli assisted Unavailable, she returns deviating from the norm with the Zlatan assisted remix for the earlier released Agbani.

A welcome evolution of the original track, Agbani Remix offers a more refreshing approach to the track’s main subject. With a stellar verse offered by Zlatan seasoned with engaging ad-libs that serve as the most appropriate backup to Bella’s lush hook and verse, the duo invades our minds with theirfeel-good vibes.

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