Bella Alubo And Kanibeatz Team Up With Psycho YP And Lava Lava On Energy Shot ‘Gba Gbe’

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With its proven profitability, artist/producer collaborations continue to soar and for Bella Alubo, a talent-studded collaboration along these lines is the best way to kickstart the year. She teams up with Nigerian-British producer, Kanibeatz, PsychoYP, and Tanzanian singer, Lava Lava on Gba Gbe, a dance music dominant hedonic appraisal of the re-birth relationship with their muses have inspired.

Lyrically, Gba Gbe is sparsely worded but rife with key phrases powerful enough to inspire movement and alter moods, picking on the signature features of your run-of-the-mill dance song. Sonically though, with Kanibeatz’s sprightly percussions reminiscent of xylophones and padded drums, the perfect combination of EDM and Pop is pulled off brilliantly, while Bella’s sensual delivery offsets the soul of the single.

In an unlikely quartet, the group makes the most of their individual strength, blending them to give us the perfect energy shot to start the year.


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