Bella Alubo Wields Her Feelings As A Weapon On ‘Gbolahan’

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More impressive than Bella Alubo’s euphonious vocals is her ability to spin a cushioned web of emotions out of romantic narratives. We’ve witnessed this severally in the past on tracks like Don’t Trust Geminis, Isiewu, and Aiya, and despite her flitting presence in the industry, she’s able to maintain this quality as time progresses. On her latest, Gbolahan, she proves this over Tuan Malik’s atmospheric mix of synthesized percussions.

Bella Alubo is every girl with a mission to snag her man with the best of her wiles and with words like “I’m looking fit, pockets thick, feeling nice, see me smile” following whispery articulations of her muse, Gbolahan’s name, she seals the deal, sonically and emotionally.

Bella Alubo never misses when she decides to go down the love route and being someone who wears her heart on her sleeves, the result is always realistic, heartfelt, and long-lasting, much like Gbolahan is.


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