Bella Alubo’s ‘Table For Two’ Is A Call To Self-Awareness And Assertiveness

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It’s been more than five years of enjoying Bella Alubo’s quick, oftentimes corny wit and brilliant ear for immersive songs via a slew of singles, features, and a handful of projects that have spoken to her passion and valuation. The singer is finally ready to release her debut album, aptly titled Bella Buffet and today, she paces it with Table For Two, a heady single rich in Bella binding lyrics and swirling synths that conquer opposition and doubt even before she throws herself into her delivery.

In a self-assured manner, we have become familiar with, Alubo exercises Michael Synx’s atmospheric instrumental that does a great job of drawing listeners into this dimension she dominates with tales of strong self-awareness, one that throws her into an introspective state, where she finds herself and comes out, assertive and unforgiving. “I wouldn’t cry for you, I wouldn’t try anymore, won’t be an option for you, coz nobody do it like I do, you’ll be winning if you won me boo”, words rich in realization, reliability, and passion, typical Bella style.


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