BenjiFlow And Oxlade Find Common Ground On Sultry love Song ‘My Bella’

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More and more these days, the Nigerian music industry appears to be where a diverse range of sounds, sought after by the rest of the world, resides. Every other week, a new feature with an international artist resurfaces and these partnerships are not restricted to A-listers, which was the case back in the day when the Mo Hits crew, particularly D’Banj, called dibs on choice partnerships. Everyone in today’s generation partakes. Although British-Jamaican artist, BenjiFlow has close ties to the industry, his latest collaboration with Oxlade on My Bella, counts as a cross-border partnership that appraises the ‘Nigeria to the world’ phenomenon.

BenjiFlow and Oxlade are a likely duo with a vast common ground made up of silky vocals, knowledgeability in love stories, and ability to navigate springy percussions, shared, so without a doubt, the harmonies gotten from the fusion of their output is sturdy enough to rise with emotions offset by their sound and story.

With the dominant Afropop sound divide blurring, Nigerian artists on foreign songs, these days blossom and oftentimes find a niche in these new environments. Oxlade’s very natural delivery on My Bella is not only proof of this but places Oxlade on a high-priority list of go-to features for international artists.

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